Recognizing Signs of Burnout

ILT/vILT Course

Tool(s): Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva

Development Time: 8 hours

Role: Designer, Developer

Client: Fictional Client


The supervisors/managers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of employees calling out sick, taking extended leave, and the rising employee turnover rate.  This began to incur significant organizational costs.  


After conducting a needs analysis with stakeholders, I determined that the most effective solution would be to create an ILT on burnout.  In order to not overwhelm employees with a significant amount of information, the course was broken down into three modules.  The presentation above is a sample– showing module 1: Recognizing the Signs of Workplace Burnout.  In addition, a job aid was created for employees to post in their work spaces.


Results indicated that stress and burnout management training was efficient on reducing stress and burnout symptoms in employees.  Furthermore, it was determined that burnout response training  would be beneficial for supervisors/managers.

Facilitator Guide

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Participant Guide

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