The Perfect Espresso Martini
Job Aid

Tool(s): Canva

Development Time: 2 hours

Role: Graphic Designer

Client: Fictional Bar/Restaurant, Portfolio Piece


Bartenders at a restaurant were not  following a recipe to create the most popular drink on the menu– the espresso martini. Bartenders were not measuring the ingredients accurately and not creating the drink in the proper manner. This challenge resulted in many returned drinks and refunds to customers, which cost the restaurant to lose money.


In addition to the eLearning module presented to bartenders upon hire, this infographic was created to post behind the bar to use as a quick reference guide (QRG) for employees to refer to when making an espresso martini.  This job aid accompanied an eLearning training course on how to accurately make this specific drink.


Bartenders reported that it was helpful to refer to the QRG behind the bar. Owners reported that less cocktails have been returned and refunded, which resulted in drink consistency and steady profits.